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Chaufferie Carbonaxion biomasse au Nordique spa Stoneham

Outsourced “green” energy services

The easiest thing to manage is what you don't manage at all.

Outsourced “green” energy services

Carbonaxion designs, finances, deploys and operates district heating networks and biomass cogeneration plants for the sale of heat and/or electricity to institutions, businesses and industries. Our customers pay for the "green" energy they consume, just like they pay their electric bill.

Benefits for the client

  • Project managed entirely by Carbonaxion

  • Zero investment cost

  • Elimination of operational risks, these being assumed by Carbonaxion

  • No worries related to the management and operation of heating and/or electricity infrastructure

  • The use of "green" energy is beneficial for the corporate image

Benefits for the environment

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Transfer options

  • The contract may stipulate that after a certain number of years the installations will revert to the ownership of the customer. A training period in operating the equipment may also be offered to the customer.

Our business model
Green energy service - Our business mode
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