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Torrefied wood pellets (biochar)


Torrefied wood pellets resemble conventionnel wood pellets, except for the colour, which is closer to charcoal.

Torrefied wood pellet (biochar)


Torrefied wood pellets offer several advantages over other forms of biomass (chips and conventional wood pellets), namely:


  • Better energy density: around 5 to 7 times greater than that of wood chips, which reduces costs associated with transportation, storage and handling.


  • Hydrophobic and non-freezing product: can be stored outdoors and subjected to inclement weather without undergoing degradation or causing operational problems.


  • Inert product: does not require phytosanitary certification.


  • Better calorific value: possibility of being used in co-combustion with coal and petroleum coke, or as a direct replacement, without major changes to the equipment in place.

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