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Annual sponsorship provided to the Alérion Supermileage student team (Laval University)

May 25, 2019

Alérion Supermileage Laval University
Sponsors Alérion Supermileage (Laval University)

Carbonaxion is pleased to support the continuation of Alérion Supermileage's efforts by offering an annual sponsorship to the student team.


The Alérion Supermileage is a project carried out by engineering students at Laval University to design the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the Americas. The Laval University car holds the American performance record with a result of 1,749 km on just one liter of fuel.

This multidisciplinary project touches on several facets of engineering, such as design, manufacture, electronics, mass minimization, optimization of energy performance and the propulsion system as well as several related projects.

To learn more :

  • Thanks to the sponsors published by the Alérion Supermileage team (in French) : Click here

  • Alérion Supermileage Facebook page (in French) : Click here

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